Intimate weddings: A brief trend or a game changer?

Posted by Janella Alfonso on

The latest trends suggest, because of the worldwide pandemic and the desire of pompous event decorations, that Brides have switched to small but lush gatherings as opposed to spending on bigger events. 

If anything, recent events have taught us the need for one another and the importance of keeping those up-close relationships dear to us, even closer and provide our loved ones a bigger and lushier joyful memory of what marriage is. 

Without doubt, intimate weddings are more personal.  Guest lists are mainly composed of those that are near and dear to the soon to be married couple. This setting provides a more enjoyable event for everyone and allows the Bride and Groom to interact with all the guests. And, it also allows for making it their own by incorporating details that are authentic to both, Bride and Groom. 

But, even in private gatherings and small settings there are items on the wedding list that can increase the wedding budget by a lot. Major costs in a wedding celebration are venue and catering services, leaving décor usually last on the list. 

When allocating the wedding budget for décor and personal flowers, think of the items that are more important for the Bride. For instance, the bridal bouquet should be one of those priorities. The bridal bouquet is part of the bride’s ensemble and for the most part it’s always center stage. Another item to consider is the sweetheart table. Oftentimes we have brides that don’t want too much emphasis on their table, and it should not be this way, the bride is the queen of the party, it is her dream come true.  A sweetheart table should be romantic regardless of the décor style they like. It should have that special look…yes, even if they don’t spend too much time sitting at their table, wedding pictures will last a lifetime. 

As for ceremony and reception, allocating the money to where the bridal couple and the guests will spend the most time would make more sense. We know…we all want that dreamy background to say I do. The trend now is massive arches draped in greens and flowers. Well, arches are a big-ticket item even when deciding to go for one smaller in size. Not only are the florals expensive but they need to be constructed at the venue. This entails labor and additional manpower which will increase and will put you over budget. Keep in mind, a ceremony is no more than 20 minutes. A solution to keep you on track is to look for an existing background that does not require additional décor or an active structure at the venue that provides an easy assembly. If you must have flowers, opt for something that can be repurpose somewhere else in the wedding. 

Lastly, we have the reception. Ultimately, this is the area where the bulk of the décor budget goes. Brides usually gravitate to social media in search of inspiration for the table escape and not surprisingly, they might be overwhelmed with the myriads of photos. The most effective way to cut the cost down on centerpieces is to go for low centerpieces in disposable containers. This way you will save on the rental of vessels and the breakdown of the event at the end of the party. 

These are some helpful hints to help you keep your budget on track. Our Wedding Studio by Pouparina can assist you with the design and give you options on how to lower your cost without compromising your vision. Click here to Complete our form to start the process 

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